Patients First

4 Weeks
UX Researcher & Designer
Figma, Invision, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Project Type
BrainStation Conceptual Project


Patients First is a government-led initiative designed to revolutionize the healthcare system by placing patients and their needs at the core of service delivery. This initiative aims to enhance the patient experience, improve access to fast and reliable healthcare services, and empower patients with education and knowledge to make informed decisions about their health. With a primary focus on mental health, Patients First seeks to better understand patient experiences and explore the ways people manage their health through existing healthcare services and information sources.

Problem Space

Accessing quality mental healthcare can be difficult due to obstacles like long wait times, limited availability, and stigma surrounding mental health. Patients may struggle to find reliable information about treatments and available resources while managing their conditions alone. Fragmented care from multiple providers without a coordinated treatment plan and insufficient support leave patients feeling disempowered and isolated. Patients First aims to improve the mental healthcare ecosystem by conducting user-centered research and design to bridge the gaps in care and create a more patient-focused healthcare environment.

Design Challenge

How might we help millennial patients connect to a diverse pool of therapists to ensure that they feel as though their mental health issues are being addressed properly?

Solution Overview

Introducing Patients First


Discover Your Perfect Therapist Match

Patients First streamlines the process of finding a therapist who meets your unique needs by providing personalized recommendations based on your preferences, mental health concerns, and insurance coverage.


Make Informed Choices with Therapist Profiles and Reviews

Gain valuable insights by browsing detailed therapist profiles and reading genuine reviews from fellow patients, helping you make well-informed decisions before booking a consultation.


Explore a Diverse Directory of Therapists

Patients First features an extensive and diverse directory of therapist candidates, ensuring that you can connect with professionals who understand your unique background, experiences, and mental health needs, fostering a more inclusive and supportive healing journey.


Effortless Consultation Scheduling

Book, cancel, or reschedule consultations with ease using our intuitive platform, designed to offer you maximum flexibility and convenience in managing your mental health appointments.


Designing for Better Mental Health

Key Learnings

  • Usability testing was an eye-opening experience that taught me how to identify issues and use feedback to create a more effective and user-friendly design.
  • Exploring different design directions and generating multiple ideas allowed me to be more creative and build an app that is both beautiful and functional.
  • Prioritizing features and design elements based on user feedback was crucial in ensuring that the app met the needs of our millennial patients.

Next Steps

  • The journey never ends - I plan to conduct an additional usability test to gain more insights and further refine the design.
  • I'm excited to work on the branding and high-fidelity UI design components and system, which will help to elevate the app's overall look and feel.

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